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Error Code List

Ravi Kochhar
Dept. of Physiology
University of Wisconsin - Madison
Nov. 2004
rev. 1.01 Jan. 18, 2008
Technical Report no. 23


AudSDK (Auditory Software Development Kit) (ref. 1), is a collection of libraries containing functions that are relevant to collecting and analyzing Auditory Physiology data.

Most of these functions return a value (a status/error code) upon completion. This value is almost always an integer (NER or iNer) and 0 denotes successful completion. Non-zero return values indicate some error or failure withing the routine, and the calling program should take appropriate action.

Traditionally, the error codes are stored in a file named ERROR.TXT which resides in the same folder where AudSDK is installed. ERROR.TXT is in machine readable format and can be accessed by functions in DCPLIB (e.g. the ERMSG and GERMSG functions) (ref. 2).

The error codes are also reproduced below for quick reference.

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Error Code List

    0 No error, normal completion.
  101 Data set not found in data file
  102 Invalid schema name
     .This data set is not suitable for RAP analysis
  103 INITSC or HINITSC must be called first
  104 Data set ID must be specified first
     .Please do so with the ID.. or DS.. commands
  105 This is not an integer*4 variable
  106 Variable name not found in schema
  107 This is not a type REAL variable
  108 This is not a repeating group name
  109 This variable is not type "character"
  110 Cannot divide by zero
  111 Frequency is outside calibration range
  112 Data file name must be specified first
     .Please do so with the "DF ..." command
  113 Cannot raise a negative value to any power
  114 Cannot compute log of zero or negative number
  115 Invalid number of repeating group occurences
  116 RG did not occur this many times
  117 Variable does not occur within specified RG
  118 File not suitable for RAP analysis
  119 Cannot compute square root of negative numbers
  120 Sorry, this option not available yet
  121 Supplied buffer is too small
  122 Number of spikes exceeds buffer size
  123 Variable value is undefined
  124 Value of COTANGENT is infinity
  125 Cannot compute FACTORIAL of negative or fractional numbers
  126 Value too large to compute FACTORIAL
  127 Invalid repeating group length
  128 This variable is not type "vector string"
  129 This variable is not type "vector RG"
  130 Error converting Harris character to VAX character string
  131 Error converting Harris integer to VAX integer
  132 Error converting Harris floating point to VAX floating point
  133 Invalid repeating group occurence number
  134 Number of points is too small
  135 This is not Tuning Curve data
  136 Unable to estimate CF
  137 Frequency increment is improper
  138 Value too large to compute INT()
  139 Character variable number out of range
  140 Improper Schema name for this operation
  141 Unable to spawn sub-process, try again, or consult programmer
  144 Unable to convert from character string to integer array
  145 Unable to get system time and/or date
  146 Impossible error, consult programmer
  147 Error converting from integer array to character string
  148 Unable to obtain value of variable
  149 Unable to extract unit number from DSID
  150 This is not a valid General Waveform data set
  151 Too few or too many points
  152 Number of points must be power of two
  153 Invalid time resolution
  154 Unable to determine peak
  155 Trial number is outside range specified by user
  156 Number of points per cycle must be a power of two
  157 Too many zero-crossings
  158 Number of points in the two waveforms must be the same
  159 Specified character string is of improper length
  160 Syntax error
  161 Variable value is out of range
  162 Too many windows
  163 Too few columns
  164 Invalid spike number
  165 Improper analysis for this program
  166 Value must be positive, non-zero
  167 Invalid message number
  168 Invalid Unit Event Timer channel number
  169 Curve fitting not possible because Fit Window is undefined
  170 Invalid curve fit model number
  171 Unable to find left parenthesis
  172 Mismatch in number of parameters
  173 Indexing is improper
  174 Unable to form a new DSID
  175 Work buffer is too small, try again, or consult programmer
  176 Too few or too many points for gridding
  177 Invalid plot orientation
     .Possible choices are : DEF, PORTRAIT or LANDSCAPE
  178 The two data sets must have the same header size
  179 STATUS table contents appear damaged
  180 Improper number of STATUS table variables
  181 STATUS table must be initialized first by calling STBINI
  182 Not enough space in directory for this data set
  183 The general waveform file must be opened first
  184 Band-pass range is invalid
  185 Unable to extract sequence # from DSID
  186 Invalid number of sub-tasks
  187 Invalid number of sub-task parameters
  188 Calibration table has not been read in yet
     .Use the CID1 or CID2 command to specify Calibration ID first
  189 Sub-task parameter RG length is invalid
  190 Invalid number of coils
  191 Too many points to rotate by
  192 No postscript file was ever opened
  193 All points in the buffer are zero
  194 Number of FIT parameters exceeds number of observations
  195 This is not a calibration data set
  196 This calibration is for a different phone or DSS
  197 Too many calibration values, buffer overflow
  198 No general waveform has been specified yet
  199 Increment value cannot be equal to zero
  201 Parameter 1 is invalid
  202 Parameter 2 is invalid
  203 Parameter 3 is invalid
  210 Unable to start process with DO_COMMAND, consult programmer
  211 Differentiaition window must be an odd number between 3 and 31
  212 Unable to compute slope or intercept
  213 Date format is invalid
  214 Invalid data set size
  215 Too many events, buffer overflow
  216 Invalid expression for "SYNCH"
  217 Invalid number of speakers
  218 Only variables of type "ARRAY" can be used for this operation
  219 Not enough space in destination array
  220 File is empty, no data found
  221 Too few entries in directory
  222 No entries were deleted
  223 The FROM number cannot exceed the TO number
  224 Invalid data set number
  225 INITDF or INITRF must be called first
  226 Entry already exists in directory
  228 Data File directory is full
  229 Bad Directory Header
  231 Unable to read Event Flag, consult programmer, or try again
  232 Unable to create VMS mailbox, consult programmer
  233 Error in writing to VMS mailbox, consult programmer
  234 Error in reading from VMS mailbox, consult programmer
  235 Error in writing to VMS mailbox async, consult programmer
  236 Error in assigning VMS mailbox, consult programmer
  237 Error in opening VMS mailbox for I/O, consult programmer
  238 Invalid event flag number, consult programmer
  239 Error clearing event flag, consult programmer
  240 Error waiting for event flag, consult programmer
  241 Bad data in file
  242 Unable to create global section, consult programmer
  243 Unable to map global section, consult programmer
  245 Unable to de-assign mailbox, consult programmer
  246 Unexpected command via mailbox, consult programmer
  247 Unable to create Page Frame Section, consult programmer
  248 Error creating sub-process with $CREPRC, consult programmer
  249 Error associating with Common Event Flag cluster, consult programmer
  250 File Read error
  251 File Write error
  252 File Open error
     .Please use the DIR command to check for file existence
     .Also make sure you are authorized to access the file
  253 Invalid Logical Unit Number
  254 File name already includes directory spec
  255 Unable to create file
     .Please check disc quota and file name
  256 This file already exists
  260 Error opening the Parameter Storage File (PSF)
  261 Unable to create logical name entry in job table
  262 Unable to spawn sub-process
  263 Invalid no. of characters in output buffer
  264 Invalid pointer into buffer
  265 Too many real variables, Buffer is full
  266 Too many character variables, Buffer is full
  267 Variable already defined as a different data type
  268 Unable to de-assign I/O channel. Try again, or get help
  269 Error writing to PSF (DCPF), try again or get help
     .Make sure no one else is running a data collection program
  270 Error calling GETJPI system service, try again or get help
  271 Too many processes
  272 Too many points in Tuning Curve, buffer overflow
  273 UIS windows not installed on this system
  274 Improper number of values in line-table buffer
  275 Unable to get logical unit number
  276 Unable to open system information file, try again or get help
  277 Error reading the PSF (DCPF), try again or get help
     .Make sure no else is running a data collection program
  278 Too many stimulus points, buffer overflow
     .Use the RR command to restrict range
  279 Too few data points for 3-D plot
  280 Improper data storage format
  281 Unable to cancel pending I/O request(s), consult programmer
  282 Too many spikes, buffer overflow
     .Please use a shorter repetition time
  283 Invalid output format
  284 Too many data values for array variable, buffer overflow
     .Please define a larger array size with the DIM command
  285 No space to create temp. array, out of memory space
  286 Invalid array size
  287 Invalid SDA array location
  288 Unable to determine DOP name, consult programmer
  289 Array is undefined
  290 Array sizes are not the same
  291 Invalid array number
  292 This array already exists with a diferent size
  293 Unable to open DECwindow
     .Try from a terminal that supports X-windows
  294 A user file is already assigned to this number
     .File open failed, try a different number
  295 User file numbers can only be from 1 to 10
  296 Number of variables in input list must be between 1 and 4
  297 Free format is possible only if all variables are type "REAL"
  298 User file is not open
     . Please open first with the OPFILE command
  299 Error calling $SETIMR system service, consult programmer, or try again
  300 Too many stimulus points
     .Use a lesser range, or fewer number of reps
  301 Improper STATUS table type
     .This data may not be suitable for RAP analysis
  302 No histograms to plot
  303 Invalid histogram type
  304 Invalid output device or file
  305 Improper display type
  306 Invalid number of legend lines
  307 Improper number of RA variables
  308 Invalid number of plots along X-direction
  309 Invalid number of plots along Y-direction
  310 Improper number of repetitions
  311 Improper number of sequences
  312 Improper number of STATUS table pointers
  313 Log increment not supported at this time
  314 Invalid time base
  315 Invalid stimulus duration
  316 Invalid repetition interval
  317 Improper number of DSS's
  318 Invalid master DSS number
  319 No data recorded at this stimulus point
  320 Invalid value of sync. coefficient
  321 Invalid Rise/Fall envelope shape
  322 Invalid units for duration time
  323 Invalid units for repetition interval
  324 Invalid units for delay
  325 Invalid units for time base
  326 Unexpected signal from data collection program
  327 Rayleigh Coeff. value must be between 0 and 1.0
  328 Invalid repetition number
  329 Only Type-2 STATUS table supported for this operation
  330 STATUS Tables for the two data sets must be the same TYPE
  331 Number of reps for the two data sets must be the same
  332 Stimulus duration for the two data sets must be the same
  333 Repetition interval for the two data sets must be the same
  334 Number of RA variables for the two data sets must be the same
  335 Variable increments for the two data sets must be the same
  336 Format is undefined
     .Please define first with "SET FORMAT ..."
  337 Invalid variable type for this operation
  338 Array element is out of bounds
  339 Only Type-1 STATUS table supported for this operation
  340 No data within specified time range
     .Please pick a different range
  341 Only array type variables can be sorted
  342 Sorting order must be either "ascending" or "descending"
  343 Invalid number of arrays
  344 Too few points in array
  345 All points in the array are "missing points"
  346 Error reading from Postscript file
  347 Error creating new Postscript file
  348 Number of points must be greater than zero
  349 Too many points for scatter plot
  350 Invalid number of plot legends
  351 Invalid command, or syntax error
  352 Invalid number of grids
  353 Invalid number of digits after decimal point
  354 Invalid number of grids between labels
  355 Invalid number of histogram bins
  356 No binning frequency specified
  357 This is not one of the RA variables
  358 Binning frequency cannot be zero or negative
  359 Invalid Plot type
  360 Variable number is out of range
  361 Invalid analysis window
  362 Spike time cannot be negative
  363 Invalid variable name
  364 Destination-Parameter type mismatch
  365 Invalid number of messages with plot
  366 Too many statement labels in macro
  367 Two or more statement labels are the same
  368 Invalid macro level
  369 Improper number of plot captions
  370 Percent value must be between 0 and 100
  371 Smoothing factor must be an odd number .LE. 31 (or zero)
  372 Symbol codes must be greater than or equal to zero
  373 Program not supported by XP command, try RUN instead
  374 Destination of branch is unknown
  375 Invalid binning frequency
  376 Invalid no. of time slices for spectrogram plot
  377 Macros can only be nested to three levels
  378 Unable to open Macro file, please make sure it exists
  379 Improper number of page captions
  380 Too many histogram bins
  381 Threshold too high
  382 Macros can only be nested to two levels
  383 Viewing angle must be in the range -180 to +180 degrees
  384 Viewing distance cannot be zero or negative
  385 Speed cannot be zero or negative
  386 Tic increment value cannot be zero
  387 Invalid caption value
  388 Invalid caption number
     .Must be between 1 and 100
  389 Invalid number of arrows
  390 Remote node name is invalid
  391 Remote job name is invalid
  392 Unable to connect to remote server process
  393 Error writing to remote client
  394 Unable to connect to remote client
  395 Error reading from remote client
  396 Invalid command from remote client
  397 (0,0) position is not in the free-field data base
  398 Requested position is not in the free-field data base
  399 Invalid number of directory entries
  400 Invalid file name
  401 Unable to open STATPK file
     .Please use the DIR command to check for file existence
     .Also make sure you are authorized to access the file
  402 STATPK file name must be specified first
     .Use the "STF ..." command in RAP to do so
  403 This is not a STATPK data file
  404 Too many data sets in STATPK file
  405 Destination file is full
  406 Specified column not found in STATPK data set
  407 Neither slope nor intercept specified
  408 Invalid column number
  409 Invalid point number
  410 Destination file format is improper
  411 Invalid number of columns (or variables)
     .STATPK data sets must have between 1 and 127 columns
  412 There is not enough space between data sets to insert this one
  420 Invalid CSF entry number
  421 INICSF must be called first
  422 Unable to open STATUS Table file
  423 Unable to write to STATUS Table file
  424 No data in CSF for this entry
  425 Bad directory entry in CSF
  426 Unable to read from STATUS table file
  427 Checksum error in STATUS table file
  428 DSID does not match ID stored in STBF
  429 Improper entries in STBF
  430 Keyword not found in database
  431 Too many points in calibration table in CSF
  432 The X-var or Y-var must be FREQ to apply calibration phase correction
  433 Invalid phone number
  434 Invalid number of values in calibration table
  435 Bad Freq. increment in calibration table
  436 Unable to open mechanical calibration file
  437 Mechanical calibration file name has not been specified
  438 Mechanical calibration data set not found
  439 Mechanical calibration has not been read in yet
  440 Stimulus Paramter File is empty
  441 Too many records in Stimulus Parameter File (SPF)
  442 Time too long
  443 Invalid time format, consult programmer, or try again
  444 Too few records in the Cat Parameter File (CPF)
  445 Bad data in Cat Parameter File (CPF)
  446 Bad checksum in STBF header
  447 The two waveforms must have the same playback resolution
  448 Invalid Page Legend Number
  451 Unable to open plot file
  452 No metafile was created
  453 Unable to create temporary work file
  454 Spool file name must be specified first
  455 Unable to create spool file
  456 Unable to open spool file
  457 Spool file write error
  458 Improper number of metafiles
  459 Poon notch cannot be created if CF < 4500 Hz
  460 Too few or too many variable parameters, consult programmer
  461 Two or more data sets have the same DSID
  463 DSS not responding (STATUS-A is always 0)
  464 DSS is busy (STATUS-C is always 0)
  465 Too many points to sample with A/D, reduce rate or sampling time
  466 A/D sampling error
  467 A/D setup error
  468 Too many GW files
  469 Value out of range
  470 DSS number is invalid
  471 Sum of M1 and M2 must be no greater than 1.00
  472 Master delay is too long
  473 Unable to assign channel to A/D converter
     .Make sure no else is using the A/D
     .Try again, or get help
  474 DSS I/O channel was not assigned earlier
  475 Unable to close DSS I/O channel, try again
  476 Unable to assign DSS I/O channel
     .The DSS may be in use by some other user
  477 DSS status-A bit is always zero
     .The DSS power may be OFF
  478 Insufficient GEWAB memory
  479 Bad data in GEWAB header
  480 Invalid GEWAB entry number
  481 Frequency too high
  482 PHASE should be between 0.0 and 1.0
  483 Attenuator setting too high or too low
     .Can only be between 0 and 127 dB
  484 Value too large to be loaded into GEWAB memory
  485 The same speaker cannot be selected for both DSS outputs
  486 Invalid number of A/D channels
  487 GEWAB start increment in this mode cannot exceed 32767
  488 Sum of amplitude multipliers must not exceed 1.0
  489 ITD cannot be varied for master DSS
  490 Not a Microsoft PCM Format
  491 Not in RIFF WAVE format
  492 Stereo sound not supported at this time
  493 Formats other than 8 or 16 bits not supported yet
  494 Invalid variable specification for plot
  495 No waveform available for this azimuth and elevation
  496 No trials matched specified selection criteria
  497 Auto-scaling not possible if histogram already binned
  498 Cannot vary TONLVL if masking stimulus is TONE
  499 Cannot vary GWLVL if masking stimulus is GW
  501 Error in queueing I/O operation on the A/D device channel
  502 Invalid gain - must be an integer equal to 1, 2, 4 or 8
  503 Conversion count out of range - must be between 1 and 32767
     .(for the ADQ-32 device, must be between 1 and 4294967296)
  504 Handshaking error between ADQRD() and the A/D converter
  505 ADQ-32 : Non-existent memory error
  506 ADQ-32 : Clock overrun error
  507 ADQ-32 : FIFO overflow error
  508 ADQ-32 : End of process error
  509 ADQ-32 : Some ADQ device error
  510 A/D error number 510
  511 A/D error number 511
  512 A/D error number 512
  513 A/D error number 513
  514 A/D error number 514
  515 A/D error number 515
  516 A/D error number 516
  517 A/D error number 517
  518 A/D error number 518
  519 A/D error number 519
  520 ZIP array processor error
  521 ZIP array processor error
  522 ZIP array processor error
  523 ZIP array processor error
  524 ZIP array processor error
  525 ZIP array processor error
  526 ZIP array processor error
  527 ZIP array processor error
  528 ZIP array processor error
  529 ZIP array processor error
  530 ZIP array processor error
  531 ZIP array processor error
  532 ZIP array processor error
  533 ZIP array processor error
  534 ZIP array processor error
  535 ZIP array processor error
  536 ZIP array processor error
  537 ZIP array processor error
  538 ZIP array processor error
  539 ZIP array processor error
  556 Device Timeout, possible hardware error, try again or get help
  571 mailbox is empty
  572 Too many entries in directory
  573 Cannot compute shuffled auto-correlation with less than 2 reps
  574 Unsupported "Adapter" waveform type
  575 Too many harmonics
  576 Segment length must be greater than 0
  577 Inter-segment gap must be positive or zero
  578 Waveform Type-code for segmented waveforms must be from 20 to 29
  579 A Median could not be determined
  580 Command is meaningless in this mode
  581 Improper range specification for file names
  582 Plot position sequence no. is too large.
     .Adjust with "SET PLPOS" or "PP #"
  583 Unable to determine X- or Y-var increment
     .Possibly there is no valid data available
  584 Sorry, cannot modify value of "PI"
  585 Sorry, cannot modify value of "E"
  586 Stack overflow
  587 Number of items in Stack cannot be negative
  588 Undefined binary operator
  589 Undefined unary operator
  590 Parentheses out of order
  591 Bad general waveform parameters
  592 Cannot load GW value greater than 32767
  593 Variable NAME-VALUE table is full
  594 Only interlaced storage mode supported
  595 Unknown System type
  596 Unsupported file type
  597 Unable to map memory mapped object
  598 A Repeating Group entry is already open, call STBEN3R_END first
  599 DEFTER must be called first
  600 Mismatch in number of spikes
  601 Unable to open process
  602 Unable to terminate process
  603 Process is not currently running
  604 No permission to terminate process
  605 Unable to load the library PSAPI.DLL
  606 Unable to identify operating system
  607 Unsupported operating system
  608 Unknown filter type
  609 Unable to open the CSF
  610 Invalid number of channels
  611 Unable to create the CSF
  612 Error writing to the CSF
  613 Unable to get computer name
  614 Unable to open printer device
  615 Error reading from the CSF
  616 Invalid occurrence number
  617 Max must be greater than Min
  618 Unable to launch web browser
  619 Unable to determine "Application Data" Folder
  620 Directory path is too long
  621 Directory not found
  622 Unable to create directory
  623 User Application Data Folder does not exist
  624 Memory Mapped Object does not exist
  625 Event Object name must be non-blank
  626 Unable to create Event Object
  627 There is no handle to this Event Object
  628 Unable to Reset the Event Object
  629 Unable to open Memory Mapped Object or File
  630 Unable to map Memory Mapped Object or File
  631 Unable to Set the Event Object
  632 Invalid Process name
  633 There is no Default Printer Queue Name
  634 Unable to allocate memory
  635 Unable to Enumerate Printers
  636 Unable to StartDoc for printing
  637 Unable to StartPage for printing
  638 Unable to EndPage for printing
  639 Environment variable not found
  640 Invalid mutex-object name
  641 Unable to create mutex-object
  642 Mutex-object already exists
  643 Key or Variable name is too long
  644 Unable to open Registry Key
  645 Unable to find specified variable in Registry
  646 STATPK keyboard data entry mode not suported in Windows
  647 The source and destination files must have the same format
  648 Unable to load DLL
  649 Invalid Drive or Directory name or number
  650 Unable to determine MS Internet Explorer version number
  651 Unable to create Metafile - Please delete any old ones
  652 Error reading STATPK file header
  653 Unable to open the DT-321 A/D converter
  654 Unable to Initialize the DT-321 A/D converter
  655 Unable to get DT-321 A/D sub-system handle
  656 Unable to set DT-321 sampling rate
  657 DT-321 Config failed
  658 Unable to read back clock frequency from DT-321 A/D
  659 Unable to get number of DMA channels for DT-321 A/D
  660 Unable to set Data Sampling mode for DT-321 A/D
  661 Unable to set Data Wrap mode for DT-321 A/D
  662 Unable to start DT-321 A/D converter
  663 Unable to set Triggered Scan option for DT-321 A/D
  664 Unable to add buffer to DT-321 A/D ready queue
  665 Unable to fetch DT-321 encoding method
  666 Unable to Unmap Memory Mapped Object or File
  667 Unable to close handle to Memory Mapped Object
  668 Unable to set DT-321 clock source
  669 Error clearing the DSS Rate Generators
  670 Error setting/starting the DSS Rate Generators
  671 Error setting up the PC-32
  672 Error setting up the PC-44
  673 Error calling dosqcommand()
  674 Error in stopmode()
  675 Error in startmode()
  676 Error in initgwparams()
  677 Error in setgwparams()
  678 Error in loadgwinfo()
  679 Error in loadgwwave()
  680 Error in seqclrchan()
  681 Error in setseqprms()
  682 Error in createseq()
  683 Error in setattn()
  684 Frequency too high or too low
  685 Sampling rate too high or too low
  686 Error setting DT-321 Trigger Mode
  687 Error flushing the DT-321 A/D buffers
  688 Unable to Reset the DT-321 A/D converter
  689 Error in clrrgext()
  690 Error in setrgext()
  691 A/D converter Buffer Overflow or Overrun
  692 Error in restartmode()
  693 Request line not available, or invalid line number
  694 Dialog box failed
  695 Error in reset44()
  696 Invalid server name
  697 Error in reset32()
  698 Error in startseq()
  699 Data must be converted first
  700 Unable to get procedure address(es) from PSAPI.DLL
  701 Unable to get process list, EnumProcesses failed
  702 Unable to load the library KERNEL32.DLL
  703 Unable to get procedure address(es) from KERNEL32.DLL
  704 CreateToolhelp32Snapshot failed
  705 Too few or too many processes
  706 Two tone paradigm not supported for this analysis
  707 Error in dss4initc33dsp()
  708 Error in dss4mode()
  709 Error in dss4dur()
  710 Error in dss4freq()
  711 Error in dss4phase()
  712 Error in dss4rise()
  713 Error in dss4fall()
  714 Error in dss4armdsp()
  715 Error in configtimerboad()
  716 Error in ss4timrreset()
  717 Error in ss4mdelay()
  718 Error in ss4portrddc()
  719 Error in ss4timrstrt()
  720 Error in dss4attn()
  721 Error in dss4closec33dsp()
  722 Error in GetModuleFileName - Supplied buffer may be too small
  723 Module Path name is invalid
  724 Master/Slave selection must be between 1 and 2
  725 Error in dss4stopdsp()
  726 Error in getseqstat()
  727 Error in dss4setsamplerate()
  728 Error in dss4resettimer()
  729 Error in dss4inittimer()
  730 Error in dss4settimer()
  731 Error in dss4settimer - (repint*nreps) is too large
  732 Error in dss4settimer - (dur time is too large)
  733 Error in GetCurrentDirectory - Supplied buffer may be too small
  734 The values must be specified in pairs
  735 Invalid number of points in "Exclude Stimulus Points" list
  736 Error in dss4timerstat()
  737 Output Metafile Name is too long
  738 Error in dss4rgreset()
  739 Invalid Rate Generator Number
  740 Invalid Rate (for Rate Generator)
  741 Invalid Start Mode (for Rate Generator)
  742 Error in dss4rgrate()
  743 Error in dss4rgarm()
  744 Error in dss4rgdisarm()
  745 Unable to open Equalizer Coefficients file
  746 Number of A coeffs. cannot exceed number of B coeffs. in Equalizer file
  747 Too many coefficients in Equalizer file
  748 Error in dss4initmatrixselector()
  749 Error in dss4signalconnect()
  750 Error in dss4armtimer()
  751 Error in dss4disarmtimer()
  752 Error in dss4am()
  753 Error in dss4lfm()
  754 Error in dss4loadgewab()
  755 Error in dss4setgewab()
  756 Error in dss4gewabrise()
  757 Error in dss4gewabfall()
  758 Validity check failed
  759 The file is not fixable for this type of error
  760 Unable to get File Size
  761 File name is too long
  762 Invalid Program name
  763 Error in dss4uetboot()
  764 Error in dss4uetclose()
  765 Error in dss4uetena()
  766 Unable to create Named Pipe
  767 Error writing to Named Pipe
  768 Error opening Named Pipe
  769 Mode value must be either 0 or 1
  770 Unable to open diagnostic file
  771 Invalid DSID (Data Set ID)
  772 Ambiguous or indterminate Stimulus Type
  773 Two RA Variables names cannot be identical
  774 Cannot vary TONLVL and GWLVL on the same DSS
  775 Increment value is improper
  776 Unable to evaluate expression
  777 Slave DSS cannot be on longer than Master DSS
  778 Data Collection option must be Y or N
  779 At least one UET channel must be selected
  780 Invalid Sampling Time
  781 Averaging Option must be Y ar N
  782 Invalid A/D channel selection
  783 At least one A/D channel must be selected
  784 This is not a valid macro file
  785 Animal ID must be specified
  786 Invalid EDF type
  787 Unable to create the data file (EDF)
  788 Invalid buffer size
  789 Unable to get TEMP path name
  790 Error reading from Named Pipe
  791 Specified Named Pipe does not exist
  792 Delay is too small (cannot be zero)
  793 Unable to delete file - it may be open by another application
  794 Error in dss4rgrateact()
  795 Only Triangular-FM supported at this time
  796 Unable to read from Temp work file.
  797 Error in dss4setdevnumbers()
  798 Error in dss4rginit_fpga()
  799 Error in dss4rgrate_fpga()
  800 Error in dss4_rgstart_fpga()
  801 Error in dss4rgstop_fpga()
  802 Unable to obtain DSS hardware info
  803 Invalid or out-of-range Item Number
  804 Error in olDaSetChannelListSize (Data Translation function)
  805 Error in olDaSetChannelListEntry (Data Translation function)
  806 Unsupported file format
  807 Error in olDaGetChannelListSize (Data Translation function)
  808 Error in olDaGetSSCaps (Data Translation function)
  809 Unsupported Waveform Format
  810 Error in MultiByteToWideChar()
  811 Error in CoCreateInstance()
  812 Unable to resolve shortcut
  813 Unable to load shortcut
  814 Error in GetShortPathName
  815 Unknown or unsupported .WAV file format

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  1. AudSDK

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This work was done at the University of Wisconsin - Madison under the direction of Dr. W.S.Rhode. Supported in part by a grant from NIH.

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