DSS-III Documentation

These documents cover various aspects of the new DSS (DSS-III) currently being built by Mike Rosing. They are very much a work in progress, and subject to frequent changes. If you are interested in a copy, or have questions or suggestions, please send e-mail to the address listed at the end of this page.

Note: in the following documents, the current DSS (built by Dick Olson) is variably referred to as "current DSS", "DSS-2", or "old DSS". The new DSS (built by Mike Rosing) is variably referred to as "new DSS" or "DSS-III".

Note: DSS-III as described below is not yet (April 1997) ready for delivery. It is still at a development stage, and probably is several months away from being a complete product. As such, all estimates are very preliminary, and features may also change.

If you have questions or suggestions about this documentation, please send e-mail to rhode@physiology.wisc.edu, or to rosing@physiology.wisc.edu, or to kochhar@physiology.wisc.edu
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