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How to Access Journal Articles from Off-campus

The University has a site-license to allow students and faculty to read and download the full-text of many scientific journals (e.g. the Journal of Physiology). The way in which the license is enforced is to check the IP (network) address of the requesting computer. If that IP address matches the range assigned to the UW, then full-access is allowed.

Th above creates a problem when you try to access the same Journal from home (or elsewhere off-campus). In short, your IP address is not within the UW range, and you are denied access to the full journal archive. (An important exception is if you connect via the DoIT dial-in modem pool, i.e. via Wiscworld, in which case you are still considered on-campus). All DSL and Cable-modem users are off-campus for this purpose, and must use the steps below to get access.

The UW-recommended way to get access to journals is as follows:

(1) Use a web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer) and connect to:

(2) This should bring up a page where you can browse journals by the first letter in their name. For example, we would click on J for the Journal of Physiology.

(3) Scroll down the list of Journals and click on the link that reads "Journal of Physiology".

(4) This should take you to a page where you can enter in the search criteria for an article, e.g. the year of publication, starting page number, etc. If you wish to browse the entire journal, leave these fields blank.

(5) Next, click on the link (in this example) for "Highwire Press" (just above the search field). (The link may be for other sites (e.g. Highwire Press, or Academic Search Elite, etc.)

(6) A window pops-up asking you to identify yourself, and you must enter two items, your UW ID number (all 11 digits) and your last name. If you're not sure about the 11'th digit of your ID, click on this link:

(7) When you click on the "Login" button, it takes you the Journal (or Journal article) you requested, and you should be able to read the full text of the article.

If you have persistent problems, please contact me, or send a request to the Library help desk via email at

As described above, the process should work for most biomedical journals of interest to our Department. Note that there are other journals that may not be included in this list. Visit the following web page for some of those: This includes all the biomedical journals, plus many more.

Also see for more help.

If you have any comments or questions please send them by e-mail to
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