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How to Configure a Computer for use in Room 281

Room 281 is the Dept. of Physiology seminar room on the 2nd floor. It has an LCD projector that can used to project a computer display (e.g. from a laptop computer) onto the big screen on the wall. This is a feature that is increasingly used during classroom teaching and seminar presentations.

This page covers the basics of the connections, esp. how the computer should be configured for network access.

Connection summary

The following figure summarizes the essential connections. The network cable and the video extension cable each need to be about 30 feet or more if the laptop computer is placed near the front of the room, which is the typical case.

Schematic of connections

Special situations may deviate from this. Please check with Mary Ellen Perry for special requirements.

In most cases, if you have connected the cables properly according to the above figure, then nothing more is needed. Test this by turning on the LCD projector and your laptop computer and observe the picture on the projection screen. You may need to adjust the focus and/or lens focal length (zoom) to get a picture of proper size. Note that the projector needs approx. 1 minute to warm up and run a self-test.

The LCD projector has several inputs, and you may need to select between them (INPUT1, INPUT2, INPUT3) using either the controls on the projector top surface or the remote control.

Laptop Configuration

The laptop computer normally doesn't need much configuration. What you see on the laptop screen is automatically projected on the big screen. With some older laptops, you may have to choose or enable the "external monitor" to use the projector. This is normally done (for Microsoft Windows) by right-clicking on the desktop, selecting Properties->Settings->Monitor and then choosing the external monitor.

Network Configuration

If it is necessary to connect the laptop computer to the network for a presentation, please use the following instructions:

If your laptop is already a part of the Dept. of Physiology network and has an IP address in the range or, then you do not need the following steps - you will be connected by simply connecting to the network port (jack #208-146) in Room 281.

If your laptop is not previously part of the Physiology network, then please use the following network settings:

         IP address:       Automatic (dhcp)
         Net Mask, Gateway/router and DNS will also be assigned automatically.

(you may wish to record the previous settings on a piece of paper because you'll have to restore them when you return to your own building)

On a Windows PC, the network settings are accessed by:

My Computer -> Control Panel -> Network -> TCP/IP -> Properties

On a Macintosh, the network settings are accessed by:

Apple Menu -> Control Panel -> TCP/IP (or MacTCP)

For a PC, you will need to reboot after changing the network address.

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This page last modified on : Nov. 6, 2003