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How to install Symantec anti-virus - over the web - Windows

(For a Macintosh version of this file, Click here.)

Note: The following should be used only if you are connected over a fast link. The program is too big to download via a modem, ask Ravi for CD version in that case. This procedure can be used for Windows systems only! The installation will require a reboot at the end, so start by quitting all other programs.

  1. Make sure the C: drive has at least 200 MB free space.

  2. Uninstall any existing anti-virus software (if other than Symantec/Norton) important!
    You don't need to un-install if you already have an earlier version of Symantec or Norton

  3. Use Internet Explorer (or other web browser) to connect to:

    enter the username and password required (or contact Ravi if you need this info).

  4. Click on the Symantec anti-virus program link on that page, and select "Run" or "Open" when prompted.

  5. If a security warning appears, click on "Run" to proceed.

  6. A window should appear asking that files be unzipped into the C:\SAVCE9 folder.
    Click on the "Unzip" button.

  7. The install program start automatically after the files are unzipped.
    The install program runs for 5 to 10 minutes. Do not click on Cancel.

  8. The program may launch an Update process at the end. Click on "Next" etc. as required.

  9. When done, the program prompts you to Restart. Click on "Yes" after making sure no other windows are open (i.e. save any other documents you may have open).
    In some cases the installer fails to ask you to reboot. In that case go ahead and restart the PC by selecting Start -> Shut Down etc.

  10. After rebooting, make sure the yellow anti-virus icon appears in the system tray (next to the clock in the lower-left corner)

  11. Delete the folder named C:\SAVCE9 that was created in step (6) above.

  12. Post Install: Start the anti-virus (double click on small icon near clock, lower right corner), and configure (or check) the scheduled update time as follows:

    Select File -> Schedule Updates, and change the time for automatic updates from Friday 8:00 PM to some other day and time (when you know the PC will be ON).

    Exit the anti-virus program.

    The program keeps itself updated automatically at the scheduled time and interval so long as the computer is on at those times and connected to the net.

If you have any comments or questions please send them by e-mail to
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This page last modified on : Sep. 29, 2005