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Basement Anonymous FTP Archive

You have reached the Anonymous FTP archive located in the Basement.

The purpose of this archive is to make recent versions of local software and related files available to both local and remote users.

Click on any of the following links. Be sure to read the 00README.TXT where it is available.

   [.audstuff]         Auditory Group Programs and related
   [.aud-tour]         The Auditory Tour
   [.bench]            Benchmark Programs
   [.misc]             Misc. Files
   [.spikegen]         Spike Generation routines (John Oghalai)
   [.spksort]          Spike Sorting routines (John Oghalai)

   Disclaimer : 

   The software in this archive is provided on an "as is" basis as a
   convenience for our users. In some cases this software was not developed
   here, and we make no claim as to the usability or accuracy of any of it.
   The user is urged to read all the readme and help files before
   installing or using any of this software. For software not developed
   here you are also urged to scan for computer viruses before using.

If you have comments or questions about this archive, please send them by e-mail to

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This page last modified on : Apr. 28, 2003